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Water Storage Tanks for Leachate Treatment Projects

Landfill leachate treatment has always been a difficult point and hot spot that has attracted wide attention due to the fluctuation of water volume and the complexity of water quality. It is extremely harmful to groundwater and surface water. If it is not properly treated in time, it may directly pollute soil, air and water sources, and affect the ecological environment and human settlements.

Water Storage Tanks for Leachate Treatment Projects

Based on this, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. takes customer needs as the guide, and uses the energy efficiency improvement of water storage tanks as a help to develop suitable water storage tanks, which can improve the stability and treatment effect of landfill leachate treatment, and meet the discharge standards. With the support of advanced technology and equipment, Zhengzhong Technology has undertaken many landfill leachate treatment projects, which have not only been highly recognized by customers, but also established a good brand image and market reputation in the environmental protection industry.

In the previously completed leachate treatment project of Sichuan Liangshan Waste Transfer Station, the concentration of pollutants in the leachate of the waste transfer station is not constant, which is related to the composition of the waste, the time of collection and transportation, and the compression method. After a comprehensive understanding of the current situation of the waste transfer station of the project, the technical team fully considered the applicability of the equipment and the discharge standard, and provided GFS tanks as wastewater treatment equipment, which not only shortened the construction period, but also ensured that the project construction period was completed according to the node requirements, and the water output index It can meet the standard requirements stably.

Landfill leachate

Relying on advanced technology and a professional talent team,
Zhengzhong Technology has accumulated rich project experience in many subdivided fields including landfill leachate, and can accurately provide customers with solutions according to the requirements of project influent water quality, effluent standards, and project difficulties. Provide customized solutions. At the same time, the company will continue to exert the value of scientific and technological innovation for the high-quality development of the environmental protection industry, and contribute to the growing demand for sewage treatment with practical actions.