Production Steps

Fusion between the steel sheet and glass coating is very important Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks production steps because it directly affects the Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank service life. In order to provide a high-quality product to our clients, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co.,Ltd conduct very strict quality control from raw material to final product. Before mass production, raw material and small sample test need to be done to check the quality of raw material and fusion between coating and steel panel, if qualified then mass production will be carried out. Tanks are produced on the automatic production line, to make sure good and stable quality control. After the production all steel panels need to be tested by 1500V spark holiday test, all steel panels are 0 discontinuity.

CNC Laser Cutting

Inputting the Confirmed drawing into the computer, bolt holes and openings will be cut by CNC laser cutting machine automatically.

Steel Pre-treatment - Shot Blasting

Arch Bending

Shot blasting according to SSPC SP10 standard, steel surface is in silver white color

After shot blasting, steel panel needs to be arch bent to a radian according to tank diameter.

Automatic Enamel Spraying

Spray the glass coating on both sides of steel panels automatically. Coating thickness is controlled within 230 microns to 450 microns.

High Temperature Tunnel Oven

After enameling and drying, then firing steel panels in the oven at the temperatures ranging from 820℃ -930℃, which facilitates the interfacial fusion reactions that combine the two materials.

Product Inspection

Quality inspection needs to be conducted after production, including coating thickness, holiday test, color consistency.