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Leading China Storage Tanks Manufacturer

Storage Tanks  Manufacturer

Center Enamel is a longstanding and globally leading storage tank manufacturer in China. Its extensive experience in the industry has earned it rich expertise and profound technical strength, establishing a leading position worldwide. With outstanding technological innovation and high-quality products, Center Enamel has become an industry leader, providing excellent solutions to customers globally. The company has gained trust and recognition from customers worldwide due to its exceptional product quality and timely services. Center Enamel not only offers leading tank solutions but also commits to providing high-level after-sales services, ensuring customers enjoy an excellent experience throughout the entire collaboration.

Center Enamel's bolted tank products cover various tank types, including enameled assembled tanks, epoxy resin tanks, stainless steel tanks, galvanized tanks, steel tanks, and aluminum geodesic domes. Through continuous research and technological innovation, the company ensures the diversity of its product line, meeting various requirements for tanks in different industries and projects. Center Enamel provides optimal solutions for various tank projects, including potable water storage, agricultural water tanks, dry bulk storage tanks, process water tanks, wastewater treatment, biogas storage, municipal sewage, firefighting, grain storage, agriculture, petroleum, and water treatment, among many other fields. The company is also dedicated to offering excellent tank products for other bulk liquid storage needs.

By successfully expanding into international markets, Center Enamel exports its products to over 90 countries, including but not limited to the United States, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, India, South Africa, and more. This success demonstrates the company's competitiveness and market recognition on a global scale.

Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks

Glass-fused-to-steel tanks combine the strength and flexibility of steel with the corrosion resistance of glass. Compared to standard epoxy resin or welded-paint tanks, glass-fused-to-steel tanks have numerous advantages. This technology represents a top-tier coating technique in the tank market, with Center Enamel being a pioneer in China's glass-fused-to-steel technology, showcasing the highest level of Chinese expertise in this field. The technology complies with design and manufacturing standards for steel tanks.

Stainless Steel Tanks

Center Enamel provides AISI 304/316 stainless steel tanks as a reliable solution to meet specific requirements for high-purity pharmaceutical water or extremely harsh environments. Stainless steel tanks can be provided as complete tank kits, and the company can also design and manufacture hybrid tanks, with the lower section using glass-fused-to-steel and the upper section using stainless steel, providing the best cost-effective combination of various materials according to process design requirements.

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Tanks

With over 30 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, and construction of Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS) modular tanks, Center Enamel has jointly developed innovative and optimal fusion-bonded epoxy coating technology with the world's leading paint and coating manufacturer AkzoNobel. The CEC epoxy tank, with its cost-effective performance and advanced electrostatic spraying technology, quickly gained customer recognition. Just like the company's commitment to the excellent quality of GFS tanks, Center Enamel also provides the best quality assurance for fusion-bonded epoxy modular tanks, meeting or exceeding requirements such as AWWA D103-09 and ISO 9227 / ASTM B117.

Galvanized Steel Tanks

Galvanized steel tanks are an economical liquid storage solution used primarily for storing firefighting water, drinking water, and irrigation water. These tanks are designed in strict accordance with AWWA D103-09 standards and are galvanized according to the GBT13912-2020 standard. Additionally, they are constructed using galvanized steel plates bolted together, offering an economical and easily transportable solution to project sites. The tanks are easy to install and have durable internal and external finishes.

Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roofs

Aluminum geodesic dome roofs are an innovative self-supporting cover solution widely used for bolted, welded, and concrete tanks. Manufactured using state-of-the-art facilities and designed with advanced 3D computer modeling, CEC domes exhibit excellent structural strength, manufacturing precision, and inherent corrosion resistance of aluminum. With features like net-span design, fast construction, almost no maintenance cost, CEC domes are highly popular in various projects globally.

Technical Expertise and Industry Experience

Over 30 Years of Design and Manufacturing Experience

Center Enamel takes pride in its over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience. The company's deep history in the tank industry provides rich insights and experience, enabling it to adapt to evolving market demands. This accumulated practical knowledge allows Center Enamel to address various complex project requirements and deliver excellent solutions.

Advanced Tank Manufacturing Technology

Center Enamel is committed to employing advanced tank manufacturing technology to ensure high-quality products and performance. The company invests in research and development, introducing the latest technological innovations covering material engineering, production processes, welding techniques, and more. By continuously enhancing its technological capabilities, Center Enamel can meet the demands for advanced manufacturing in different industries.

Professional Capability for Customized Customer Design

Center Enamel excels in the professional capability of customer-customized designs. The company understands that each project has unique requirements, and thus, by closely collaborating with customers, it provides professional custom design services. Whether based on customer drawings or innovative designs based on project specifics, Center Enamel can meet individualized customer needs.

In summary, Center Enamel demonstrates technical expertise and rich industry experience in the tank industry through its over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, advanced tank manufacturing technology, and professional capability for customer-customized designs. These qualities distinguish the company in the market, enabling it to provide high-level tank solutions to customers.

Quality Assurance of Raw Materials

Supply of High-Quality Steel Materials

Center Enamel consistently focuses on using high-quality steel materials to provide reliable quality assurance for tank manufacturing. By establishing stable supply chains and collaborating with excellent steel suppliers, the company ensures fundamental control over the quality of raw materials. High-quality steel materials not only improve the durability and stability of tanks but also offer customers longer-lasting and more reliable tank solutions.

Impact of Material Quality on Tank Performance

Center Enamel recognizes the crucial importance of material quality in tank performance. High-quality raw materials determine the tank's service life, stability, and performance in various complex environments. By choosing high-standard steel materials, the company ensures key performance indicators such as strength, corrosion resistance, and sealing in tanks. This high demand for material quality is part of Center Enamel's commitment to providing excellent tank solutions to customers.

In summary, Center Enamel provides reliable assurance of raw material quality by ensuring the supply of high-quality steel and a deep understanding of the impact of material quality on tank performance. The company guarantees that the manufactured tanks meet high standards in various performance indicators.

Safe and Fast Logistics and Export Services

Strict Logistics Standards

Center Enamel is committed to providing safe and reliable logistics services to ensure that tanks remain intact during transportation. The company has established strict logistics standards, ensuring that all products can withstand the challenges of long-distance transportation after leaving the factory. This includes stringent requirements for transport vehicles, sensible packaging design, and a comprehensive safety monitoring system throughout the entire process. By adhering to these standards, Center Enamel ensures that the tanks purchased by customers maintain a high level of integrity throughout the transportation process.

Professional Packaging and Transportation Processes

To minimize risks during transportation, Center Enamel has developed professional packaging and transportation processes. Each tank undergoes carefully designed packaging to prevent collisions or other damage during transportation. Additionally, the company has an efficient transportation team capable of flexibly addressing various transportation needs, ensuring that tanks are delivered to customers' specified locations on time and safely. Professional packaging and transportation processes are integral to Center Enamel's comprehensive service, providing customers with a more convenient and reliable procurement experience.

Excellence in Export Services

Center Enamel has gained customer trust in the international market through its excellent export services. The company has not only received acclaim for its technological and quality achievements but has also accumulated rich experience in export services. Success stories span over 90 countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, India, South Africa, demonstrating Center Enamel's outstanding influence in the global market. The excellence in export services is evident not only in timely delivery and secure transportation but also in the strong cooperative relationships established with customers and global recognition of product quality.

By implementing strict logistics standards, professional packaging and transportation processes, and excellent export services, Center Enamel provides customers with safe and fast logistics and export services, continually solidifying its leading position in the global tank manufacturing industry.

Tank Installation

Center Enamel has extensive experience and professional expertise in tank installation. Through strict technical requirements, quality standards, operating procedures, and assessment systems, the company ensures the efficiency and engineering quality of the installation process. The key aspects of Center Enamel's tank installation include:

Traditional Installation Methods and Jacking Methods

The company offers both traditional installation methods and jacking methods to meet the diverse needs of different projects. Traditional installation methods, validated over an extended period, are a mature and reliable way of tank installation. Jacking methods are more suitable for scenarios requiring installation in limited spaces. This involves constructing the tank body first and then using specialized equipment for overall jacking, ensuring precise and efficient installation.

Strict Technical Requirements and Quality Standards

Throughout the tank installation process, the company has established a series of strict technical requirements and quality standards, ensuring that each stage of the installation process meets high levels of technical requirements and quality standards. This includes detailed specifications for key areas such as bolted joints, connections, and supports, as well as comprehensive control over the installation process.

Safety Testing Standards

At every stage of tank installation, the company enforces rigorous safety testing standards. From personnel operating safety to careful monitoring and prevention at every stage, Center Enamel ensures the safety and high quality of the tank installation process. The company has implemented strict safety operating procedures to safeguard workers, achieving both safety and high quality in the tank installation process.

Material Storage and Welding Quality Control

Given that the installation of large tanks often takes a considerable amount of time, proper storage of materials becomes crucial during the installation process. The company has implemented professional measures for storing construction materials, ensuring that materials remain dry and safe throughout the entire installation period to prevent rusting and collisions.

Through comprehensive control over these key aspects, Center Enamel has earned customer trust in the field of tank installation due to its professionalism, efficiency, and safety. The company is dedicated to continually improving construction technology and process levels to meet the unique requirements of different customers, ensuring the smooth and high-quality completion of each project.