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Stainless steel silos

To be the leading supplier of top stainless steel silos in different industries, we must first earn the trust of our customers. We do this by ensuring that each of our stainless steel welded silos meet the needs of the industry in which it will be used as well as the unique requirements of our customers. We build silos of different volumes and offer various diameter and height configurations. We are happy to provide each customer with a personalized consultation to determine their needs and ensure that the products we create are reliable, durable and valuable.

Stainless steel silos

Experienced silo builder: stainless steel silos for any industry

Center Enamel has over 30 years of experience in building silos. Silos are widely used in agriculture, but we can also see them in the food and chemical industries. We can meet the specific requirements of each client and each industry. Our experienced engineers can advise you on the most effective silo design.

Silos are mainly used for long-term storage of grain, feed, wood pellets, milk (powder) and other bulk products. A properly designed flat bottom silo or hopper silo ensures good air circulation. The silo must be durable, corrosion-resistant, and tailored to the needs of the facility where it will be installed.

100% Recyclable Sustainable Metal Silos

Stainless steel silos are one of the most environmentally friendly solutions. This will reduce your waste management costs. Silos with the highest quality standards in design and manufacture.

Long service life, high resistance and hygiene

We use 304 stainless steel liners for most products, but we also manufacture tanks with 316L stainless steel product connections for better resistance to acidic products like tomato or citrus juice. Additionally, we guarantee that your silo will have the perfect finish and welds. Avoid leakage, possible damage and contamination.

Storage silos 100% adapted to your needs

We have the technical team, facilities and technology to adapt to your company's every need in large warehousing with the highest quality standards.

Turnkey projects

We handle everything from design to fabrication to installation. We let the engineering department provide you with full assurance that the entire project will be developed from start to finish. We manage the entire project from start to finish, so you don't have to deal with intermediaries or suppliers.

competitive price

We offer one of the most competitive and adjusted prices on the market for bulk metal storage silos. We are able to carry out all construction management of installation, as well as technical design and fabrication for your plant within the same budget. Thanks to our engineers and operators, we managed to save costs and increase operational efficiency. That's why we are so competitive.