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We offer a range of services and get your project done smoothly . If you have any issues or questions about our GFS tanks , please contact us and we'll happily guide you through any questions that you might have.

GFS Tank Engineering Design

- Conform to AWWA D-103/09, OSHA, and ISO/EN28765 international standards.
- Certified by NSF against ANSI 61 standard
- GFS Tank engineering calculation
- GFS Tank design & construction drawings
- GFS tank 3D drawings

GFS Tank Manufacturing & Package

- Advanced production line: CNC laser cutting machine, automatic spraying and tunnel oven.
- Production ability 120,000 enameled sheets/year
- Quick response and short production lead time
- International package standard suitable for ocean shipment

Quality Control and Delivery

- 1500V holiday test on each sheet
- Coating thickness inspection
- Color difference inspection
- Anti-Acid & Alkaline test
- Fish scale testing
- Logistic delivery on time

GFS Tank Installation

- Installation supervisor is available
- Installation tools can be provided
- An installation guide can help with the installation