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Fusion Bonded Epoxy Tanks

Center Enamel Fusion Bonded Epoxy is the electrostatic spraying of the epoxy powder with oven baking advised by AkzoNobel that has tons of proven record around the world. Using RESICOAT R4-ES on the interior surface and durable INTERPON D1010 on the exterior surface, is corrosion resistance, and resist UV breakdown and abrasion. Every steel panel supplied is inspected at zero defect 1100V holiday test before delivery.


RESICOAT R4-ES is a high quality thermosetting epoxy powder coating for the corrosion protection of valves and fittings, manufactured from cast iron or steel. The powder coating is applied in one layer on a preheated surface by electrostatic spray application. The resultant thermoset epoxy has a high mechanical resistance with excellent electrical insulation properties. RESICOAT R4-ES is approved by NSF61 certification, as a hygienic and environmental friendly coating. The outstanding adhesion of RESICOAT R4-ES epoxy powders to the metal substrate provides long term protection of the coated component and achieve an UV protection.

INTERPON D1010 is designed for the exterior environment offering excellent long term light and weather resistance, exhibits a tougher cured film which provides superior damage resistance to steel plate. INTERPON D1010 is designed to meet or exceed the performance requirements of QUALICOAT (Class1) and AAMA2603, and the powder coatings are available in a wide range of colours in full gloss, satin and matt finishes.

Property of Fusion Bonded Epoxy Tanks :

Coating Color Sky Blue (RAL5015)
Coating thickness 150-250 microns
Acid and alkalinity proof Standard PH: 3~11
Abrasion resistance ASTM D 4060
Holiday test ≥1100V
Salt spray test 4000h


Fire Water
Potable Water
Municipal/Industrial Wastewater
Desalination/Demineralized Water
Reverse osmosis Water
Municipal Sludge Treatment
Dry Bulk Solid
Biogas Digester

Guangdong Industrial Wastewater Project

Tank size: φ14.5*4.7M
Location: China
Application: Water storage