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Center Enamel shines at CIEPEC 2023 and IE Expo China 2023

On April 15th and April 21st, the 21st China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and the 24th China International Environmental Expo came to a successful conclusion. Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd., as a high-quality service provider in the turnkey project and anaerobic process segment, and a leader in the Asian GFS tank industry, brought the company's innovative technology, advanced equipment, and solutions to these two high-standard exhibitions, and competed with domestic and foreign Customers carried out in-depth docking, deepened exchanges, and discussed cooperation together, and gained a lot.

The popularity is overwhelming, and customers at home and abroad continue to flow

IE Expo China 2023

In these two exhibitions, Center Enamel focused on industrial wastewater, municipal sewage, kitchen waste, landfill leachate, aquaculture wastewater and other application fields, presenting and providing customers with water treatment equipment and innovative solutions that keep pace with the times. At the exhibition site, Center Enamel carefully built its booth in combination with the brand culture, and demonstrated the company's comprehensive strength in an all-round and multi-angle manner by means of case demonstrations, sample displays, and professional explanations, which attracted great interest and widespread attention from on-site customers. The booth was very popular and bustling. Zhengzhong Technogy's technical team patiently answered customers' questions with a professional and dedicated attitude, and fully communicated with professionals and business representatives to discuss cutting-edge technologies and latest solutions in the field of water treatment, which was highly praised.

Shine brilliantly and be recognized again for its comprehensive strength


At the moment when the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection issues, Center Enamel continues to dig deep into the environmental protection track. In addition to further strengthening scientific and technological research and development and consolidating its leading position in the field of water treatment equipment, it also actively deploys the field of organic waste resource utilization to provide customers with high-quality wastewater projects, and gradually establish a leading position in the industry. Relying on its own technological advantages, product advantages and service advantages, Center Enamel has received attention and recognition from many parties, and it shined brilliantly at the exhibition, allowing the industry to once again see the brand strength and innovation potential of Center Enamel. In the future, Center Enamel will always adhere to scientific research and innovation, continuously inject new vitality into the environmental protection industry through leading equipment technologies and solutions, and provide customers with better products and services.