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Carbon Steel Tank For Sichuan Chengdu Wastewater Treatment Plant

Walking into the Chengdu Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sichuan, you will be greeted by a set of distinctive carbon steel tanks. These carbon steel tanks are covered with artistic "painted new clothes", with magnificent mountain scenery, profound historical allusions, and lively and vivid panda images, which complement the surrounding environment and help improve the quality of Chengdu.

Carbon Steel Tank

Sichuan Chengdu Wastewater Treatment Plant is one of the larger sewage treatment plant projects participated by Center Enamel. The company focuses on customer needs and provides customized storage tank solutions. It adopts self-developed and produced GFS tanks and carbon steel tanks as sewage treatment equipment, with a daily sewage treatment capacity of 50,000 tons. The construction of this project will effectively meet the urgent needs of municipal sewage treatment for local development, improve the urban sewage treatment capacity, reduce the net discharge of pollutants, vigorously improve the level of urban infrastructure, and further strengthen the protection of water resources in Chengdu.

Carbon Steel Tanks

Center Enamel is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise whose main business is the R&D, manufacturing and sales of enamel assembled tanks, environmental protection diversified equipment, as well as environmental protection EPC engineering and anaerobic process section undertaking. The company has been focusing on the water treatment industry for many years, and has a team of compound talents that combines production, education, research and use.

The company not only has core technologies in the fields of kitchen waste, landfill leachate, municipal sewage, biogas engineering, industrial sewage, etc., but also has rich project construction experience and leading equipment R&D and production capacity, making it the first choice of many customers. So far, Center Enamel has customers in 95 countries around the world, and has established benchmark projects and excellent cases in many fields.