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Brewery Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Wine is one of the most popular drinks for family and friends, such as white wine, wine, beer, etc. As the saying goes, "there are thousands of cups of wine," but what many people don't know is that winemaking is a high-water-consuming industry, and the wastewater produced during the brewing process contains a variety of organic matter and pollutants. At present, most of the brewery wastewater is discharged directly without meeting the discharge standard, which causes serious eutrophication of the water body, leading to red tide and the like. Brewing wastewater has become one of the main sources of water pollution in China.

Most of the brewing wastewater is medium and high concentration wastewater, containing a variety of nutrients, and the amount of wastewater produced by different types of wine and the concentration of pollutants are different. If an ordinary treatment plan is adopted, the basic installation cost of the wastewater treatment and the operation cost of the sewage treatment equipment will be increased, and the sewage discharge standard may not be reached. To solve the problem of brewing wastewater treatment, the key is to analyze the water quality of different types of brewing wastewater and to formulate different brewing wastewater treatment solutions according to the water quality characteristics of the wastewater.

How should the brewing wastewater be treated? As a comprehensive environmental protection enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment, environmental engineering design, construction and commissioning, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. can provide customized brewing wastewater storage tank solutions and professional winemaking for different types of breweries. The wastewater treatment process has successfully solved the problem of brewing wastewater treatment for many brewing companies around the world.

In formulating the brewing wastewater treatment plan, Zhengzhong Science and Technology will comprehensively analyze the factors according to the local climate, the geological environment of the plant, the scale and water quality of the wastewater treatment, the environmental protection department's requirements for wastewater discharge, and the secondary effects generated. Compared with the economic perspective, we will finally determine the tank solutions that are suitable for the actual needs of the brewery, technically feasible and economically reasonable.

For brewing wastewater storage tanks, it is necessary to have good corrosion resistance, acid, and alkali resistance. To this end, Zhengzhong Technology adopts a special enamel hot-rolled plate containing titanium alloy developed in cooperation with domestic first-line steel enterprises as the raw material of the steel plate and assembles the enamel assembled cans on-site with stirrups, self-locking bolts, and sealant. After the enamel steel sheet is sintered at a high temperature of 820°-930°, the enamel is fused with the surface of the steel sheet to form a strong chemically inert inorganic coating. Such a coating combines the chemical and physical resistance of the enamel protrusion with the surface characteristics of the ultra-fine enamel structure, and has excellent corrosion resistance, and is very suitable as a brewing wastewater storage tank with a service life of 30 years.

Our Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks show their unique technical advantages in different concentrations and types of wastewater treatment. In addition to application in brewing wastewater treatment, they are also used in biogas engineering, aquaculture wastewater treatment, landfill leachate treatment, municipal sewage treatment, and other fields. Until 2018, Center Enamel Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks have been exported to more than 45 countries including USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, UAE, Panama, India, and South Africa etc. The superior product quality and prompt service gain us worldwide recognition.