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Beer Wastewater Treatment Expansion Project

Recently, good news came from the Uganda project site that Center Enamel successfully finished the beer wastewater treatment expansion project. The project is based on the original wastewater treatment facilities for expansion and transformation, which not only improves the wastewater treatment capacity of the original project, but also improves wastewater treatment efficiency, and earns a double harvest of economic and environmental benefits.

Beer Wastewater Treatment Expansion Project

The client for this project is a famous American beer company, and it has a long cooperative relationship with Center Enamel for many years. Out of the recognition of the customer, Center Enamel was selected as the storage tank supplier for the expansion of the wastewater treatment project of the Uganda beer production base. Since the expansion project is continued construction on the basis of the initial construction and commissioning of wastewater treatment, which has certain construction difficulties. It is mainly reflected in the normal operation of wastewater treatment facilities and the smooth progress of construction work for capacity expansion and transformation.

Through in-depth communication with customers, Center Enamel has formulated a construction plan with multiple guarantees, laying a solid foundation for the smooth development of the project's high-quality, high-standard construction and subsequent work. At the same time, during the execution of the project, Center Enamel's engineering installation team overcame the impact of the epidemic, used a variety of new technologies to improve construction efficiency and ensure construction quality, and completed the beer wastewater treatment expansion project on the specified date, which was highly recognized by customers.

The successful completion of this project is not only a manifestation of Center Enamel's comprehensive strength and technical level but also one of the results of the company's continuous expansion of overseas markets. With the continuous release of overseas market demand, Center Enamel will also adhere to the responsibility of Chinese brand enterprises, give full play to its own advantages, and create high-quality environmental protection projects for customers around the world with high-quality and high-standard engineering construction standards.