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Aluminum Dome Roofs for Aboveground Storage Tanks

Aluminum Dome Roofs for Aboveground Storage Tanks

Center Enamel is the leading aluminum geodesic dome roofs manufacturer in China, can provide aluminum dome roofs for aboveground storage tanks. Our aluminum geodesic dome roofs are a self-supporting cover, which is fabricated from high-strength aluminum alloys.Our aluminum dome roofs are fully compliant with AWWA D108, API 650, ADM2015, ASCE7-10, IBC 2012 standards.

The aluminum dome features a span-transparent, all-aluminum, lightweight, corrosion-resistant construction, and requires a low amount of material, plus their durability, good appearance and ease of construction, is a cost-effective solution that provides superior protection of your stored product.

The aluminium dome roof is designed for maximum weather protection, so ecological aspects are combined with economical benefits. Protecting stored products from contamination by natural elements such as snow, rain, sand and other foreign substances remains an important factor.

roof drainage

Due to the spherical shape of the aluminium dome roof , no drainage is required and the concern that your floating roof will sink into your product is eliminated.


 The inherent aluminium dome roof has an excellent strength-to-span ratio. It is self-supporting, which allows the dome to span large areas without structural support columns. Over the years, the increased demand for storage of oil and gas products has led to an increase in tank size.


The strength of the design of the dome allows it to handle the additional load, which can increase the overall usable capacity of the tank. Any additional required loads such as snow, wind, and other possible loads are considered and calculated during the design phase of the dome. It also provides maintenance benefits.


aluminum dome roof generally requires less maintenance, It is corrosion resistant and no corrosion means less debris entering the secondary seal system and creating holes that can lead to discharge leaks.

Thermal effect

 The aluminum dome roof has excellent reflective properties against polished aluminum, it protects the stored product from UV rays and weather, making it cooler.


An aluminum dome roof is a lightweight structure. For new tanks, lightweight can save the cost of foundations and tank shells. Due to the dome's lightweight, it is also suitable for retrofitting existing tanks, which were originally designed to operate without a roof.


The benefit of an aluminum dome roof is that it is installed while the tank is in operation. It can be built on the ground next to the fuel tank and then lifted into place with a crane. The construction of the aluminum dome roof does not require any hot work. It takes less time to complete.