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Agricultural Wastewater Storage Tank Project Has a Perfect Ending

On September 12, 2021, a 1,000 cubic meter GFS tank was erected in Sihong County, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, standing under the blue sky and next to the green fields. The project was officially launched on September 7 this year. During this period, Zhengzhong Technology's engineering team closely communicated with customers and actively cooperated with customers to promote the project, demonstrating the construction efficiency of Zhengzhong Technology's project and the spirit of customer service.

Agricultural Wastewater Storage Tank

Zhengzhong Technology has been working in the environmental protection industry for many years. Among them, in the field of GFS tanks, it is already a prestigious leader in Asia. For this project, Zhengzhong Technology has planned the tank installation process in a targeted manner according to customer needs and the topographic features of Sihong County, so that the overall project can be completed efficiently.

This project is used for the treatment of agricultural wastewater. After the enamel steel plate used is enamel-fired at high temperature, the enamel and the surface of the steel plate are fused to form a chemically inert inorganic coating with superior corrosion resistance and the service life of the equipment is more than 30 years.

In addition, Zhengzhong Technology's GFS tank quality and safety have passed the ISO/EN28765 testing certification recognized by the European Committee for Standardization, and have undergone multiple tests such as scale explosion and impact after leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the tank body with high standards.

In addition to farming wastewater treatment, Zhengzhong Technology also has rich engineering experience in municipal wastewater, biogas engineering, dairy wastewater and other fields, providing customers with a full range of services such as engineering design, equipment manufacturing, and engineering construction.

At present, Zhengzhong Technology has accumulated more than 10,000 water treatment equipment and engineering projects, covering 90 countries and regions. To create an industry benchmark, Zhengzhong Technology will forge ahead on the road to environmental protection.