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Good News from Overseas, and Zhengzhong Technology Has Successfully Delivered Several Drinking Water Projects

The wave of globalization development is unstoppable. Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. is rooted in the Chinese market with strong strength in the process of continuing to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise and keeps pace with the times to expand overseas markets.

Drinking Water Projects

Recently, Zhengzhong Technology has successively delivered a number of overseas drinking water projects, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Ghana, and other countries. For drinking water projects, in addition to meeting the requirements for water storage and water use, ensuring the quality and safety of drinking water is also a top priority. For this reason, customers have extremely strict requirements on drinking water tanks, and they need to conduct strict evaluations based on multiple conditions such as international certification, quality system, equipment quality, brand strength, logistics and transportation, and after-sales service.

indonesia drinking water project

Through technical optimization and innovation, Zhengzhong Technology not only ensures the stable operation of the equipment but also pays attention to the safety of the equipment to ensure that the equipment meets the international requirements of the FDA, NSF, ISO quality system, and other certifications. In the end, Zhengzhong Technology stood out from the competition with many global brands and won the favor of customers. The drinking water solution tailored by Zhengzhong Technology in combination with the local reality and customer needs not only effectively improves the comprehensive utilization of water resources, but also the safety and quality assurance of the equipment has also been recognized by customers.

Relying on its outstanding professional technical ability and comprehensive strength, Zhengzhong Technology has achieved fruitful results in overseas expansion, with customers in 90 countries around the world. "Going out" has a strong pace, and sails out to the world with the wind. Next, the company will continue to focus on innovative technology and equipment research and development, continuously improve the core competitiveness of solutions, establish an industry benchmark for Chinese technology to go global, and further enhance the international business card of Zhengzhong Technology.