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Wastewater & Sludge Tanks in Dairy Industry Wastewater Processing

With the improvement of living standards, dairy products have become one of the most common nutritious foods in daily life. The types have expanded from traditional milk and milk powder to cheese and yogurt. In the process of manufacturing dairy products, a large amount of wastewater such as clean wastewater and process water will be generated.

Wastewater & Sludge Tanks in Dairy Industry Wastewater Processing

Dairy industry wastewater contains a large amount of soluble organic matter, including sugars, starches, proteins, fatty acids, etc., and has good biodegradability. It belongs to medium-to-high-concentration wastewater. If it is discharged improperly, it will cause great harm to the water environment and aquatic organisms. Therefore, how to effectively treat wastewater from dairy products has become a major concern for many dairy companies.

Wastewater and sludge tanks in dairy processing usually include sludge tanks and clarification tanks for primary wastewater precipitation, aeration tanks with air diffusers, chemical dosing tanks, and mixing tanks for positioning and treatment processes. Although the wastewater produced is usually biodegradable, aerobic and anaerobic processes are required to treat solids, oil, phosphorus, and nitrogen.

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