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Storage Tanks For Jiangsu Port Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Project

With the continuous promulgation of environmental protection policies and the continuous advancement of ecological civilization construction, the country's environmental protection requirements for all walks of life are constantly increasing. In this regard, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on water environment treatment, has actively explored new models for many years, innovated and developed a number of technologies and equipment, and provided wastewater treatment storage tank solutions for enterprises in different industries.

Through the continuous accumulation of experience and innovation, Zhengzhong Technology has applied a number of scientific research achievements to the project, which not only effectively improves the wastewater treatment effect. In Jiangsu Lianyungang Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Project, Zhengzhong Technology learned from previous project experience, gave full play to the advantages of storage tank design technology, and provided customers with customized sewage storage tank solutions.

How to achieve the standard discharge of sewage treatment under the premise of a limited project area has become the difficult problem of the project. In response to the above problems, the ZhengzhongTechnology technical team combined the actual situation of the project and the customer's demands, taking the maximization of space utilization as the breakthrough point, and finally successfully delivered the storage tank. Not only can the effluent water quality reach the standard, but it also has the characteristics of high-cost performance, space-saving, and high decontamination efficiency.

Behind every project, it reflects the continuous exploration and efforts of Zhengzhong Technology to solve customer problems and realize the transformation of sewage into clean water. Since its establishment, Zhengzhong Technology has accumulated a number of major storage tank projects, providing new momentum for the high-quality development of the environmental protection industry. Facing the future, Zhengzhong Technology is committed to responding to the "Double Carbon" policy, promoting the development of water environment governance and water ecological environment protection in the direction of technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and helping the realization of the "Double Carbon" goal.