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Center Enamel Provides Storage Tank Solutions for Pig Farm Wastewater Projects

Recently, new progress has been made in the wastewater project of pig farms. Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. will provide storage tank solution for the Beijing pig farm wastewater treatment project and is about to be completed. After the project is officially put into operation, it will take on the important task of wastewater treatment for the pig farm, so that the wastewater quality meets the prescribed discharge standards.

storage tank solution for pig farm wastewater treatment project

Large-scale pig farms discharge a large and concentrated amount of sewage every day, and the sewage contains a lot of pollutants. If it is discharged into the external environment or directly used in agriculture without treatment, it will seriously damage the local ecological environment. As Asia's leading supplier of enamel assembly tanks, Center Enamel focuses on the field of agricultural ecology and environmental protection, providing customers with storage tank solutions that meet modern pig farm wastewater projects, effectively solving the problems of environmental pollution and resource reuse in my country's breeding industry.

In this project, Center Enamel was entrusted by the breeding company, based on the site survey data, the water quality characteristics of the project, the specific conditions of the pig farm, combined with the successful experience of a number of projects, and based on the principles of efficient sewage treatment and convenient operation and management, it formulated Appropriate sewage storage tank solutions ensure the stable operation of sewage projects in pig farms; customized wastewater storage tank solutions enhance the overall benefits of the project, reflecting the advanced nature of storage tank technology and economic benefits.