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Storage Tank for Domestic Sewage Treatment Project

Seeing the Center Enamel GFS tank standing on the project site, the scale is grand and the scenery is spectacular. This is the domestic sewage treatment project of Center Enamel located in Kashgar, Xinjiang. The project uses 8 GFS tanks as sewage treatment storage tanks, which can effectively solve the problem of domestic sewage treatment in the Kashgar urban area and create a good living environment for local construction and development.


In addition to the domestic sewage treatment project in Kashgar, Xinjiang, Center Enamel, as a high-quality service provider of environmental protection EPC and anaerobic process section, deeply deploys water treatment highlands, in the fields of kitchen waste, landfill leachate, municipal sewage, biogas project, aquaculture industry, industrial sewage and other fields Many engineering projects were built. The project has won recognition and praise from many customers by virtue of its technological advantages such as energy saving, high efficiency, flexible operation, and obvious sewage treatment effect, as well as stable operation since its completion, environmental friendliness, resource utilization, and benefit creation.


Over the years, Center Enamel has actively responded to the national ecological and environmental protection policies, adhered to technological innovation as the core, and relied on comprehensive development plans, advanced corporate concepts and professional technical teams to inject new vitality into the country's water ecological environmental protection and governance. In the future, Center Enamel will continue to improve its professional level in the field of water ecological environmental protection and governance, focus on innovative applications of technology and equipment, and contribute Center Enamel to the growing demand for sewage treatment with practical actions.