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Stainless Steel Bolted Storage Tanks

Center Enamel provides customers with stainless steel bolted storage tanks, which can be customized according to customers' specific requirements to meet the diverse needs of each project. When providing stainless steel bolted tanks, we have the ability to provide 304 and 316 stainless steel tanks. The two steel grades are comparable in appearance, chemical composition and general characteristics.

Stainless Steel Bolted Storage Tanks

The stainless steel bolted water tank does not need to add anti-corrosion coating, and the stainless steel water tank is almost maintenance-free. In fact, stainless steel bolted storage tanks that meet the AWWA standard have a long-term expected service life of more than 30 years. For any project, this means significant cost savings over time.

Application of stainless steel bolted storage tank

Drinking water tanks: Drinking water tanks provide storage solutions for various drinking water projects.

Sewage storage tank: The stainless steel bolt tank is very suitable for use as the clarification tank, adjustment tank, SBR tank, filter tank, etc. in the sewage treatment project.

Dry storage tanks or silos can store a variety of dry or bulk products, including corn, sand, powder, sugar, grains, cement, gravel, wood chips, plastic products or various other non-liquid, low liquid level humidity or high moisture content The product. The bolted stainless steel tank is flexible and durable and is an ideal solution for storing and protecting dry products.

We provide unparalleled professional storage tank design knowledge for customers in the energy and power, water and wastewater, dry bulk, oil and gas, and fire protection industries. Our customers benefit from our extensive global storage tank project construction experience under various environmental and climatic conditions, and our design and manufacturing process can guarantee to meet national and international standards.

We consistently produce products that meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations. Our employees and managers work closely with customers to devise unique methods to simplify the assembly process and improve time estimation. Genzon Technology is committed to providing defect-free quality products, on-time delivery, and providing excellent customer service.

Advantages of stainless steel bolted storage tanks

When stainless steel tanks are constructed with bolted stainless steel plates, they have many advantages, including:

It is fast, easy to manufacture and install.

The quality of the design paint is worry-free.

The cheapest solution in the product life cycle.

The inline design improves the sealing ability.

Environmental protection, eliminate environmental problems.

Due to economical transportation and the elimination of on-site welding, the erection cost is reduced.

The bolted storage tank provides residual value through its ability to reposition and expand.

Advantages of Center Enamel

We can create a storage tank solution to meet your budget and planning needs without compromising quality. Center Enamel cooperates with global customers to design, manufacture and build stainless steel bolted storage tanks of excellent quality for their engineering projects. We design storage tanks to meet industry standards and customer requirements and provide stable quality even under the most demanding conditions. We provide customers with the following benefits

Quality product

Precision manufacturing

Outstanding customer service

On-time delivery

Personalized service

Save project cost

Our expertise and available resources enable us to execute projects of a wide range of scale and complexity to meet the unique challenges faced by our clients. Our professionals and well-educated personnel will meet and exceed all your requirements from conception to commissioning. We provide timely quotations, skilled engineering, high-quality manufacturing, competent project management and well-trained construction personnel to solve all your storage tank needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions, and how to obtain customized storage tanks that meet your exact needs.