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Storage Tank Roofs

Welcome to Center Enamel, your premier provider of versatile storage tank roofs designed to meet a wide range of project applications. Our extensive selection of roofs and covers ensures that your storage needs are not only met but exceeded with innovative solutions. Whether you require an air-tight Glass-Fused-to-Steel roof for anaerobic digestion, an economical Aluminum Alloy Trough Deck Roof for water storage, or a specialized Single or Double Membrane Roof for biogas collection, we have you covered. With options like FRP Roofs for non-air-tight applications, our range caters to diverse industries including agriculture, water storage, and wastewater management. Discover unparalleled quality, durability, and customization with Center Enamel's Storage Tank Roofs.

Glass-Fused-to-Steel roof

- air-tightness, GFS/enamel roof is suitable for anaerobic digestion condition

- cone shape roof with external/internal beams according to the requirement

- optimum material same as tank sidewall

Aluminum Alloy Trough Deck Roofs

- economic option for potable water, wastewater, and fire water storage etc.

- only protect from raining and wind, without air-tightness

Single and Double Membrane Roofs

- suitable for anaerobic digestion condition with biogas collection purpose

- integrated AD tank with the cover on top of tank, air-tightness

FRP Roofs

- suitable for no air-tightness required situation such as drinking water, agriculture, fire water, and wastewater storage

- the shape of FRP roof can be dome or flat

Success Projects

Bandar Enstek,Malaysia

Coco-Cola Plant Wastewater Treatment

Center Enamel has been cooperating with many soft-drinks companies.


Textile Industry Parks Wastewater Treatment Project

Center Enamel had successful installed total 23 pcs of Glass-Fused-Steel Tanks..


Azelik Uranium Deposits Fire Water Storage Project

This project is for Azelik Azelik uranium deposits service water storage purpose...