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Potable Water Project in Panama

Potable Water Project in Panama

The potable water project is located in Boquete city, Panama, three units Potable Water Tanks, total volume is over 1,000,000gal. Involved tanks are required to have the America NSF61 certificate, and design must be calculated strictly according to AWWA D103, tank color is required interior white color, exterior cobalt blue color. Center Enamel design our bolted storage tanks strictly according to but not limited to AWWA D103-09, and its tank has NSF61 certificate. Interior white coating and exterior cobalt blue coating are fused to both side of steel surface under the 850-940℃ high temperature and form a hard protective layer on steel surfaces to resist the corrosion.

Location Panama
Tank Model Ø21.4* 6.0m ,Ø19.87*5.4m ,Ø6.88*6.6m
Tank color interior white, exterior cobalt blue
Tank roof aluminum dome roof provided by others
Tank Quantity 3 sets of GFS tanks
Installation Date Nov, 2015