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Papermaking Wastewater Tank Project

There is a boom in winter, and the papermaking wastewater tank project construction is busy. Despite the recent cold weather, at the site of the Nanning papermaking wastewater treatment project in Guangxi, the construction team of Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. fought hard to build a papermaking wastewater storage tank project for customers. As an important part of the park's sewage treatment system, the project undertakes the task of sewage treatment and the function of protecting the park's environment and plays a powerful role in promoting the realization of economic and environmental benefits for enterprises.

papermaking wastewater tank

Papermaking wastewater has always been considered one of the most difficult "bones" in sewage treatment. Zhengzhong Technology has tailored storage tank solutions according to project conditions in solving the problem of papermaking wastewater. Through the professional design and system planning of the Nanning papermaking sewage treatment project in Guangxi, the company provided two storage tanks with a diameter of 15.28 meters and a height of 25.65 meters as anaerobic tanks to ensure the effect of water pollution control and discharge sewage up to standard.

Thousands of miles begin with one step, and dust rises from high mountains. Zhengzhong Technology has participated in and completed many sewage treatment projects, providing storage tank design, manufacturing, and installation experience for sewage treatment projects in different industries. So far, the company has customers in more than 90 countries around the world and has successively obtained a number of technical patent certificates and honorary certificates.

Papermaking Wastewater Tank Project

Such achievements are inseparable from the company's own continuous innovation. As a well-known enterprise in the environmental protection industry, Zhengzhong Technology is constantly innovating, developing, and improving technologies, and continuously improving the effectiveness of water pollution control through innovation-driven development. In the face of changes in industry trends, Zhengzhong Technology will continue to explore new heights in wastewater treatment storage tank technology based on a global perspective, and help the high-quality development of the environmental protection industry while delivering high-quality projects.