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Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

This is the Municipal wastewater treatment project for the Kuwait Government, our client won the project because of their rich experience and excellent reputation within the wastewater treatment industry. Center Enamel design and fabricate the municipal wastewater tanks strictly according to AWWA D103-09 and EN ISO 28765. Two coating and two firing applied on both sides of Tri-Ti ART enamel special steel panel and made the enamel coating and steel panel fused together well. Both sides of steel panels are tested by 1500V spark holiday test at 0 discontinuities, the high-quality steel surface which makes the tank resist of the aggressive chemical and wastewater. That is a great application of Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank for municipal sewage treatment.

Location Kuwait
Tank size Ø7.64*5.4M
Tank quantity 4 sets of GFS tanks
Tank roof Aluminum Alloy Deck roof
Tank color dark green GR04
Tank foundation embedded foundation
Holiday test 1500V
Installation Date 2017