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Professional services from the "cloud" - Center Enamel remotely guides the Kenya mine water tanks project to complete the delivery

Recently, good news came from the Kenya mine water tanks project site thousands of miles away. With the joint efforts of Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. and Kenya mine water tanks project site teams, through the remote guidance, installation, commissioning, and technical training of Zhengzhong Technology, water for production in Kenya's mines was successfully delivered project.

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The construction time of this project is urgent. Due to the large amount of water needed in mine production, the customer requires that the
mine water tank installation must be completed as soon as possible and put into operation as soon as possible. Although the two sides did their best to coordinate, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the domestic flight to Kenya was suspended, and the installation team of Zhengzhong Technology was unable to rush to the project site.

For this reason, Zhengzhong Technology comprehensively considers the specific situation of the project and the time difference problem, tailors a suitable remote guidance installation plan for the customer, and actively guarantees the delivery of overseas projects. In addition to providing professional installation instruction videos and technical materials, a professional team is on call at any time to assist in solving on-site problems, so that customers can experience zero distance, zero time difference, and zero language barriers of Zhengzhong Technology under the severe situation of the epidemic. Serve. After nearly a month, the project has been progressing smoothly and successfully completed, which has been highly recognized by customers.

For this project, the Zhengzhong Technology team overcame the impact of jet lag, spared no effort, and carefully and meticulously communicated with customers remotely at every link, reducing the impact of the new crown epidemic on the performance of overseas projects, and highlighting Zhengzhong Technology's responsibility and responsibility. In the future, Zhengzhong Technology will continue to innovate and develop, provide better equipment and projects, and explore faster and more convenient cooperation and service models, so as to bring more professional services to global customers.