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Center Enamel won the 2022 "Leading Enterprise in the Field of Water Supply and Drainage Equipment"

On March 24, the award ceremony of the "2022 (20th) Water Industry Enterprise Selection", a selection ceremony that the water industry pays close attention to, was grandly held in Beijing. Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. stood out from many environmental protection companies by virtue of its technical advantages and comprehensive strength in the field of water treatment and won the 2022 "Leading Enterprise in the Field of Water Supply and Drainage Equipment-Excellent Brand of Water Treatment and Storage Devices".

Leading Enterprise in the Field of Water Supply and Drainage Equipment

This year's selection is aimed at outstanding enterprises that have achieved high-quality development in the water industry and water enterprises with "productization" as the core development concept, looking for outstanding companies to achieve outstanding peers in the water industry. The selection includes four links: enterprise declaration, WeChat likes, data statistics and evaluation, and announcement of election results.

The water industry has entered a stage of high-quality development, and technology and innovation have become the core items of the industry. As a high-quality service provider of environmental protection EPC and anaerobic process segment, Center Enamel is a leader in the Asian enamel assembly tank industry. It takes technological innovation as its core competitiveness, adheres to the two main lines of scientific research innovation and high-quality development, and continuously promotes the company's continuous high-quality development. new results. At present, Center Enamel has obtained a number of honorary certificates and patent certificates and has created many typical project cases in subdivided fields such as kitchen waste, landfill leachate, municipal sewage, biogas engineering, aquaculture industry, and industrial sewage, further consolidating the company A leading position in the field of water treatment.

Winning this high-gold industry award this time is an important recognition in the industry for the advanced technology and product quality of Center Enamel. In the future, Center Enamel will continue on the road of high-quality development, continue to research and develop cutting-edge technologies in the water treatment industry, actively carry out the business expansion, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and contribute to China's water industry.