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Focusing on urban green ecological development, Center Enamel provides landfill leachate storage tanks for domestic waste incineration projects

Recently, the domestic waste incineration project has made new progress. Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the construction of the Poyang County domestic waste incineration power generation project and provided waste leachate storage tanks for the advanced treatment of the leachate of the waste incineration power plant to ensure that the sewage discharged from the domestic waste incineration power generation in Poyang County meets the standard.

 landfill leachate storage tanks

The leachate produced during the incineration of domestic waste has a complex composition and high heavy metal content, which is one of the most important secondary pollutants. If it is discharged directly, it will seriously damage the urban ecological environment. Center Enamel has formulated a set of landfill leachate storage solutions suitable for local conditions based on the site survey of power plants and the characteristics of sewage water quality. This project adopts the most advanced GFS tanks for waste leachate treatment storage tanks and formulates a reasonable construction process to effectively improve the construction efficiency of the project. At the same time, we will do a good job of comprehensive project construction quality management and implement strict supervision on the construction site. Taking full advantage of Genzon Technology's rich construction experience and strict construction specifications, improving quality and efficiency to complete the construction of domestic waste treatment projects, it has been highly recognized by customers.

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