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Investment cost is one of the important factors for the construction of industrial wastewater treatment projects. The advanced standards of wastewater treatment technology should be with high efficiency, low consumption, and low cost. But the traditional concrete pool and normal steel structure tanks used in wastewater treatment engineering don't offer these advantages. The construction of concrete tanks is complicated, with a long period and high maintenance cost, which is not suitable for small and medium-sized wastewater treatment engineering. And for the normal steel structure tanks, it needs spot welding and short service life due to the coatings' anti-corrosion ability, But Center Enamel's Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tank is a premium solution for industrial effluent's storage & process and solves all above problems.

Excellent protection against aggressive liquids:  To improve the steel performance and enameling properties, we researched & developed enameling special steel ART310 collaborating with a national state-owned steel company in China. The Ti-rich steel ART310 greatly increase the physical and chemical bonding between raw steel and enamel coating, at the same time it also significantly solves common enamel coating quality problems such as fish-scaling.

Large capacity: The modular bolted Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank could provide various capacities from minimum 20m3 to maximum 25,000m3 by a single tank structure.

Fast installed, easy expanded, dismantled and relocated: The modular system allows not only rapid installation, expansion, or removal not subject to server weather condition, but also save cost on installation equipment and skilled workers.

More than 30 years' service life:  Center Enamel'sGlass-Fused-to-Steel Tank has been proved internationally with service life over 30 years.

Customized tank color:   color of tanks could be customized which makes possible of owner's expectation of matching with surrounding building color.

Low project cost:  above mentioned characteristics of Center Enamel's Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks proves it as a cost-effective structure solution for industrial wastewater treatment

Suitable for various kind of fields:  Not only industrial effluent,  municipal sewage,   potable water storage,   it also can be utilized in power and energy,  agriculture,  fire and rescue system.

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Center Enamel was established in 1989, With 30 years' enamel products Manufacture experience and already become the most professional Glass-Fused-to-Steel /GFS tanks Manufacturer in China.

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