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Fully Committed to Constructing Indonesia's Dairy Wastewater Treatment Project

At this stage, water shortages and water pollution have become global problems. For enterprises, only when economic development and environmental protection go hand in hand can they achieve better development. As a comprehensive enterprise with wastewater project, processes package, and equipment manufacturing as its main business, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. has successively solved wastewater treatment problems for many well-known enterprises and has won highly recognized by cooperative enterprises.

Indonesia's Dairy Wastewater Treatment Project

  Recently, Zhengzhong Technology has fully committed to building a wastewater treatment project for a well-known Chinese dairy company in Indonesia. For a long time, the dairy company has focused on fulfilling corporate environmental responsibilities while developing overseas business, integrating environmental protection concepts into corporate development, and ensuring that production wastewater meets standards and does not pollute the environment. Zhengzhong Technology has a deep understanding of the wastewater treatment needs of the dairy company, and provides customized wastewater treatment solutions to make the wastewater discharge in line with local wastewater discharge standards, and helps the company realize the development of economic, social, and environmental benefits.

In addition to this Indonesian wastewater treatment project, Zhengzhong Technology has successively built a number of wastewater treatment projects for the dairy company, including   Liaoning, Shandong, Gansu province.

In the great wave of environmental protection, Zhengzhong Technology will continue to leverage its own advantages to provide customers in various industries with customized sewage solutions to help companies solve wastewater treatment problems. Zhengzhong Technology also hopes to join hands with more companies to take the path of green and sustainable development, enhance corporate competitiveness, and help companies achieve better development.