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High Airtightness Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tank For Biogas Project

High Airtightness Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tank For Biogas Project

Selection of an appropriate biogas storage tank makes a significant contribution to the efficiency and safety for each biogas project. High airtightness Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank is the best option for the biogas project, which has been tested and proven over the decades. Now Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank is widely used in any modern biogas project worldwide.

Anaerobic digestion is an efficient, cost-effective way of converting biomass to energy, which also provides a sustainable solution for the disposal of animal byproducts. In biogas processing project, manure, wastewater solids, agricultural residues and food scraps are delivered to an anaerobic digester tank. The anaerobic digestion process uses microbes to break down the organic material through a fermentation process under controlled conditions, resulting in clean biogas and digested material. That digested material is then used to make fertilizer, compost, soil amendments or animal bedding. The raw biogas is further processed and water, carbon dioxide and other trace compounds are removed, and then the leaving methane and other trace gasses can be stored in the biogas storage tank. The processed biogas is then distributed and used for producing electricity, heat and fuel, or injected into natural gas pipelines. Biogas provides a clean, repeatable source for energy and fuel, while also making use of organic materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

What is Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tank?

Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tank is made of Glass-Fused-To-Steel, special sealant, self-locking bolt, which provides the best possible combination of the strength and flexibility of steel and the inertness of glass. The reason for fusing glass with steel is to enhance the properties of the latter. Single Steel is vulnerable to environmental conditions, hence the fusion is required. After fusing the steel with glass, the strength increases, the acceptable bracket of PH value for alkaline solutions widens, and the resistance of abrasion inflates.