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Heineken Wastewater treatment plant in East Timor

Due to the superior anti-corrosion performance and quick installation, Center Enamel Glass-Fused-To-Steel tanks are widely used in beer, dairy and soft drinks industry. On 2016 we provided and installed 6 Glass-Fused-To-Steel tanks for Netherlands Heineken beer plant in East Timor.

Location East Timor
Sedimentation tank Ø 4.2x4.2M
Pretreatment tank Ø 8.4x4.2 M
Adjusting tank Ø 8.4x4.2M
Hydrolytic acidification tank Ø 8*9M
Sludge-tank Ø 3.8x4.2M
Aerobic tank Ø 12.99x4.2M
Tank color forest green
Tank roof FRP roofs
Tank coating 2 enameling 2 firing
Installation Date November, 2016