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Going Overseas During The Epidemic, Center Enamel's Installation Team Fully Promoted The Construction of Overseas Projects

Facing the severe challenge of the epidemic, Center Enamel is actively promoting the progress of overseas project construction while doing a good job in domestic epidemic prevention and control. Our installation team strictly controls construction safety, progress, and quality, and does its utmost to reduce the impact of the epidemic on project implementation, to ensure that projects are advanced in an orderly manner as planned, to ensure that the projects are put into use on schedule, and to create economy and ecology for customers benefits show Center Enamel's responsibility as a leading storage tank manufacturer in China.

Going Overseas During The Epidemic

A biogas project in Turkey is undergoing intensive installation. The project contains 2 Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks for biogas storage. At present, the installation of one tank has been completed. Due to the rainy weather during the installation period, higher requirements for tank installation difficulty and construction accuracy are put forward. With the efforts of the professional installation engineers of Center Enamel, we are advancing the project for customers in the spirit of "forever forward, never giving up" construction.

The customer said, "The professional service and fast response of Center Enamel left us a deep impression. This is the main reason why we decided to choose Center Enamel’s storage tanks. This epidemic has made us feel the sense of responsibility of Center Enamel's installation team. I look forward to the follow-up cooperation very much. "

Installation Team Fully Promoted The Construction of Overseas Projects

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