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Glass Fused to Steel Tanks For Dairy Plant Wastewater Treatment

Center Enamel provided 8 sets of Glass Fused to Steel tanks for dairy plant wastewater treatment in India. Center Enamel was contracted to design, fabricate and install eight new holding tanks measuring from 967m3 to 1600m3 as part of a new dairy factory expansion program to contain its additional wastewater. For dairy enterprises, only by ensuring the simultaneous development of enterprise and environmental protection can they achieve sound and rapid development. As the world's leading storage tank manufacturer, Center Enamel has been providing wastewater storage tanks for many well-known enterprises around the world and has won high recognition from customers for its professional tank design technology and optimal storage tank solutions.

Dairy Wastewater 

Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks have a very high resistance to chemical corrosion and have excellent abrasion resistance properties. After launching, the high-temperature molten glass of 820°C-930°C reacts with the surface of the steel plate to form an inert and inorganic bond. The strength and flexibility of steel combine with outstanding corrosion resistance glass, so the Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank can provide many advantages are painted with standard epoxy or welded storage tanks. This was the key reason our client chose Reliant Solutions and our modular Glass Fused to Steel tank design for their additional wastewater treatment storage.

Glass Fused to Steel Tanks For Dairy Plant Wastewater Treatment

Despite some rough weather our crews still completed the project ahead of schedule. Center Enamel deeply understands the needs of the dairy company, provides customized storage tank solutions, completes the project installation on schedule, makes the wastewater discharge meet the local environmental protection standards, and helps the company achieve the "win-win" of economic, social, and environmental benefits. 

In the great wave of environmental protection, Center Enamel will continue to give full play to its advantages to provide customers in various industries with comprehensive wastewater storage tank solutions that are “adapted to local conditions” for more companies. Center Enamel also hopes to join hands with more companies to take the path of green and sustainable development, enhance corporate competitiveness, and help companies achieve better development.