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Center Enamel Upgrades the GFS Tank Technology to Solve the Problem of Leachate Treatment

With the continuous development of urbanization, urban garbage has gradually increased, and the problem of garbage disposal has become a major problem that the world must overcome. At present, landfill is still the most important method for the disposal of domestic waste in most cities in my country. In the process of landfilling, a high-concentration organic wastewater-landfill leachate is produced.

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Landfill leachate has the characteristics of complex composition, high concentration of pollutants, strong corrosiveness, and high conductivity. Discharged without treatment will pollute surface water and groundwater, thereby causing harm to the human body and the environment. The treatment of landfill leachate mostly uses underground or semi-underground reinforced concrete pools. However, with the continuous increase in environmental protection supervision and governance, it has become increasingly difficult to meet the discharge treatment standards and ensure the treatment effect.

As a comprehensive high-tech enterprise, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. pays attention to continuous high-quality development, continuous improvement, and refinement of storage tanks manufacturing technology. Based on the corrosion resistance, the potential corrosion resistance of the equipment is increased. The double-corrosion performance design ensures the safe use and wide application of the GFS tanks. At the same time, Center Enamel uses the most stringent quality inspection standards in the industry to conduct multiple quality inspections on GFS tanks and has passed multiple quality inspection certifications such as ISO 28765 inspection certification and ISO9001 quality system certification.

At present, Center Enamel has rich experience in advanced storage tank manufacturing technology for landfill leachate treatment projects. Through the use of the GFS tank independently developed by Center Enamel, it gives full play to the excellent corrosion resistance, hard surface hardness, good wear resistance, and easy and fast installation of the GFS tank, which more comprehensively solves the problem of landfill leachate. , To ensure that the wastewater treatment gate is well maintained and the sewage meets the discharge standard. Its engineering technical standards, equipment operation, and operation efficiency have been highly recognized by many customers, demonstrating the intellectual and hard power of Center Enamel’s technology.