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Application: Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks for Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Applications

A fire protection water storage tank is used to provide facilities that might have a fire hazard the direct control of an amount of water necessary, it will ensure a fire can be extinguished with access to the appropriate amount of water resources in a timely manner. Center Enamel's Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tank is an ideal solution for fire water containment.

Besides fire water storage, Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks can also be used for drinking / potable water storage and Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd (Center Enamel) Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks conform to the American Water Works Association (AWWA) D103-09and OSHA, also certified by NSF61. Compliance with both drinking / potable water storage standards and fire water protection standards allows the same CEC GFS tank for both applications, as well as creating a “dual use”. Increasing efficiency and lower construction cost.

Center Enamel's Glass-Fused-to-Steel Fire Water Tanks enjoy below benefits:

Long service life with the lowest maintenance : Center Enamel's Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tank service life is more than 30 years, can be expanded or removed in the future if needed.

Various customized tank color options : we can mix any tank color according to customer's special requirement, which enableCenter Enamel's Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tank better integrate with the surrounding environment and buildings.

Cutting edge enameling technology guarantee premium product quality : specially developed enameling technology on sheets' four edges and bolt holes, which provide the best protection again harshest environment, less maintenance effort & cost after tank put into operation.

Wide structure configurations : CEC Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank is available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, from 18m3 to 25,000m3 to match your project needs.

On-Site Source of Water – Having water storage that is easily accessible to firefighters and their equipment, it helps to ensure a fire will be extinguished quickly and safely.

Sprinkler Systems – Some buildings and facilities are already equipped with sprinkler systems. Your property can be made safer with fire protection water storage that will be used to feed the sprinkler system.

production steps

Many steps are required for the production of high-quality panels for tanks. We will show you each individual processing step in order to satisfy our customers' high quality standards.

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