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Center Enamel compost fermentation tank is successfully delivered to the waste treatment project

In recent years, Center Enamel has independently developed many diversified equipment that meet the needs of the market and customers through continuous technological innovation. This waste treatment project is the result of Center Enamel’s steady implementation of its diversified equipment strategy.

This project is located in Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. It uses the compost fermentation tank independently developed by Genzon Technology to convert "waste" such as livestock and poultry manure, agricultural product processing waste, straw and kitchen waste into organic fertilizer, cultivation substrate and soil conditioner. and other products. The efficient operation of this project can effectively solve the problem of comprehensive disposal of urban and rural organic waste and achieve the unification of environmental, economic and social benefits.

Compost Fermentation Tank

An intelligent integrated complete set of equipment that specializes in the treatment of livestock and poultry manure, kitchen waste, domestic sludge, biogas residue treatment and other organic waste. Using the activity of microorganisms, the organic matter in the waste is biodegraded and decomposed, so that the organic waste is converted into organic fertilizer raw materials, which can be used for soil improvement and landscaping to achieve resource utilization of organic waste.

Center Enamel is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise whose main business is sewage project contracting, process section undertaking and equipment manufacturing. Among them, in the diversified equipment sector, the company relies on independent innovation and research and development to continuously improve and improve its technical level, and has developed many diversified equipment that meet customer needs. In the future, Genzon Technology will continue to uphold the core concepts of "quality, innovation, integrity, and win-win", give full play to its own technological advantages, and continue to explore and develop new technologies, new processes, and new equipment.