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High-quality Services in Maldives Drinking Water Tank Project Has Been Highly Recognized by Customer

From domestic to international, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. not only provides drinking water storage tanks but also pays more attention to providing high-quality supporting services. It has not only gained a good reputation in the market but also won the recognition of customers. In the Maldives project, Zhengzhong Technology sent technical engineers to the local area to guide the installation team to successfully complete the drinking water project. After the delivery of the drinking water storage tank, local officials and relevant personnel spoke highly of the technical engineers of Zhengzhong Technology and presented crafts with ethnic characteristics as souvenirs, which once again confirmed the international market’s recognition of Zhengzhong Technology’s storage tanks and services.

Maldives Drinking Water Tank Project

The Maldives is a country composed of coral reefs. Its islands are scattered and sparsely vegetated. Although surrounded by seawater, it is difficult to store usable freshwater resources, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the life of the island residents. According to the characteristics of the local terrain and climate, living habits, and living styles, Zhengzhong Technology, after detailed communication with the customer, understands the needs of the other party and the difficulties of the project and provides dedicated rainwater collection Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks and domestic water enamel assembled tanks for the project. By taking advantage of the advantages of convenient and quick installation and superior corrosion resistance of GFS tanks, the smooth installation and stable operation of drinking water storage tanks can be further guaranteed, and project investment costs can be reduced.

Drinking Water Tank

In order to assist customers to complete the installation of drinking water storage tanks as soon as possible, the technical engineers of Zhengzhong Technology arrived at the project site in advance to carry out storage tank installation training, and overcame difficulties such as language barriers and hot weather during the installation guidance process, and patiently explained every link, Fully communicate. In the end, through the practical action of the installation engineer on the project site with a good service attitude, professional work skills, and wholehearted for the sake of customers, the task of guiding the installation of the storage tank was excellently completed.

There are many such overseas project cases. It is Zhengzhong Technology's efforts to provide customers with high-quality services and professional technologies that make Zhengzhong Technology storage tanks shine again and again in foreign lands. In the future, Zhengzhong Technology will continue to work hard to provide better storage tanks and services to global customers, demonstrating Zhengzhong Technology's strength with practical actions.