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Dairy Wastewater Treatment Project Construction in Full Swing

Recently, the construction of the Gansu province dairy wastewater treatment project is in full swing. Despite the hot season, the engineering technicians and construction team worked with full enthusiasm in a busy and orderly manner. At present, the project has completed the installation of storage tanks. 

Dairy Wastewater Treatment Project

The Gansu province dairy wastewater treatment project is used to treat dairy products process wastewater. Dairy products are a necessity in people's lives, and the type has expanded from traditional milk and milk powder to different types of dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. While the dairy industry is developing rapidly, its wastewater discharge is also increasing year by year. There are many types of dairy products, the production process is not the same, and wastewater also comes from different aspects. But in general, dairy product process wastewater mainly contains a large amount of soluble organic matter, including sugar, starch, protein, fatty acid, wastewater has good biochemical properties and does not contain toxic and harmful substances and large particle suspended substances, which belongs to medium and high concentration wastewater.

Based on years of engineering experience in the field of dairy product wastewater treatment, Center Enamel has built a high-quality wastewater treatment project for many well-known dairy products companies at home and abroad with mature wastewater treatment technology and advanced solutions. In order to improve the construction efficiency and treatment effect of the dairy product wastewater treatment project, Center Enamel can provide customized equipment and services according to the actual situation of the project and customer needs.

In this Gansu province dairy wastewater treatment project, Center Enamel used independently developed Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks as dairy wastewater storage tanks. The GFS tank has the advantages of low cost, mature technology, simple installation, short construction period, convenient maintenance, and effluent compliance. It also uses on-site assembly and is less affected by weather factors, which can accelerate the construction progress on the basis of ensuring the quality of the project. To ensure that the project is completed and running on schedule.