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Cooperate with the top 100 Chinese Brand Enterprises! Center Enamel Completed 5 Provincial Paper Wastewater Treatment Projects

Recently, Center Enamel Co., Ltd. completed the paper wastewater treatment project in Sichuan province. The client of this project is one of the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in China and owns paper making factories in many parts of the country. Center Enamel has won the trust of customers and supplied Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks for them for many times. This Papermaking wastewater treatment project is another project completed by Center Enamel for the papermaking enterprise after completing the paper making sewage treatment project in Guangdong, Hebei, Chongqing, Jiangsu and other places.

Paper Wastewater Treatment Projects

Papermaking sewage refers to the sewage produced in the papermaking process. Its composition, production and water quality characteristics are complex and its biodegradability is poor. According to different pulping methods, different raw materials and different kinds of papermaking, the occurrence and discharge of pollutants are very different. Therefore, papermaking wastewater is considered as one of the most difficult wastewaters in industrial wastewater treatment. 

In addition, the paper enterprise also requires that all environmental protection indicators are better than national standards. In view of the high requirements of customers and the difficulty of papermaking wastewater treatment, Zhongzheng Technology, based on years of experience in the treatment of papermaking wastewater, makes clear the key points and key points of papermaking wastewater treatment, so as to make the sewage treatment more targeted and ensure that the papermaking wastewater can meet the discharge standards.

In order to better meet customers' comprehensive requirements for sewage treatment engineering, Zhongzheng Technology adopts enamel assembly tank as engineering equipment. Enamel tank is assembled in the middle of the wisdom of the constant study and innovation of science and technology crystallization, has the corrosion resistance is superior, the cost is low cost, short construction cycle, the beautiful, the advantages of easy installation, can increase, not only conform to meet the demand of market development trend, more can solve many of the pain points of the current sewage treatment industry, won the recognition of many customers.

Being able to cooperate with the same enterprise for many times means that Zhongcheng Technology has been fully recognized by customers in terms of engineering storage tank, which further reflects zhengzhong Technology storage tank's competitiveness in environmental protection engineering field. As a manufacturer of engineering storage tanks, Zhongzheng Technology will continue to provide more customers with more high-quality engineering storage tanks, and attentively interpret the charm and value of the brand!