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Clove Storage Tank Of Tobacco Company

Clove Storage Tank For Tobacco Company

This is a dry bulk storage project by using Glass-Fused-to-Steel dry bulk storage tank as clove storage tank for the tobacco company. To replace the existing epoxy steel clove storage tanks provided by other epoxy steel tank manufacturer years before, these new dry bulk storage tanks are customized design and manufacture by Center Enamel,thus the Glass-Fused-to-Steel dry bulk storage tanks from Center Enamel could 100% match with the existing base angle and steel roof as all as the conveyor system. Besides, in order to solve the problem of silicone sealant dissolving with clove oil, Center Enamel used special sealing which is inert with contacting of clove oil. These new Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks have guarantee extended longer service life of clove silos

Location Indonesia
Tank Model Ø11.100* 16.856M
Roofs Type steel roof
Floor steel floor
Tank Color White
Application Clove Storage
Installation 8 people, 28 days
Installation Date Sept., 2018