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Center Enamel Provides Storage Tank Solutions for Wuhai Landfill Leachate Project

As the final disposal method of domestic waste in China, the landfill has always played an indispensable and important role in the disposal of urban domestic waste. The landfill located in the Haibowan District of Wuhai City has been responsible for the sanitary landfill treatment of local domestic waste since it was put into operation. Today, the landfill in Haibowan District, Wuhai, where nearly 100,000 tons of untreated landfill leachate is stored, has reached its storage capacity limit. There is a great risk of overflow, and the hidden danger of environmental pollution is very prominent. How to deal with the increasing amount of landfill leachate has become an important issue facing this landfill.

The leachate of the landfill in Haibowan District, Wuhai has reached a critical period that needs to be treated urgently, and traditional storage tanks obviously cannot solve the problem. After years of engineering practice and continuous storage tank technology innovation, Center Enamel has accumulated rich project experience and technical advantages in landfill leachate treatment, which provides a strong guarantee for the successful completion of this landfill leachate treatment project.

According to the requirements of landfill leachate treatment to meet the discharge standards and considering the imminent urgency of project construction, the technical team of Center Enamel conducted an on-site inspection of the project. After understanding the specific situation of the landfill in detail, it provided targeted storage tank solutions based on the actual situation. In this project, Center Enamel adopts the self-developed and produced enamel assembled tank as the project storage tank, and makes full use of the advantages of superior corrosion resistance, convenient installation and short construction period of the enamel assembled tank to improve the efficient construction and safe operation of the project. .

With the joint efforts of the Center Enamel project team, the originally planned construction period of 25 days was reduced to 15 days, which greatly shortened the construction period, improved the overall efficiency, and bought time for the advancement of subsequent projects. At the same time of efficient construction, Center Enamel also strictly controls the quality. In the end, the equipment passed the acceptance at one time, and its construction efficiency and quality were highly recognized by customers.