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Projects continue to be “new”, Center Enamel is about to complete the Hunan food wastewater treatment project

Living up to the good autumn days, project construction is busy in various places. Recently, Center Enamel is steadily advancing the construction of the Hunan food wastewater treatment project. The construction of this project is coming to an end. After completion, it will not only bear the important task of treating the sewage in the park, but will also effectively improve the ecological environment of the park and the living environment of surrounding residents, and promote the sustainable development of the city.

Hunan food wastewater treatment project

Center Enamel, as a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of water treatment, focuses on the primacy of science and technology, continuously makes breakthroughs in the field of scientific and technological innovation, and continues to tackle key technical problems, forming a leading R&D technological advantage. Technological innovation has been promoted in depth, and research and development results have emerged one after another. The company has obtained nearly a hundred invention patents and utility model patents, and its technological achievements have been widely used in different industries such as industry, municipal administration, and breeding. This Hunan food wastewater treatment project is one of the project cases where Center Enamel’s innovative technological achievements have been applied.

Hunan Food Wastewater Treatment Project

Project location: Hunan

Project area: food wastewater

Water quality characteristics

Food wastewater is generally not very toxic, but its high organic content can easily cause eutrophication of water bodies, worsen water quality, and further pollute the environment.

Project Overview

Center Enamel combines the characteristics of the region where the park is located and focuses on meeting the discharge standards of sewage to create suitable sewage treatment solutions for corporate customers. The project adopts Glass Fused to Steel tanks with outstanding advantages such as good anti-corrosion performance, convenient installation, short construction period, and long service life as sewage treatment equipment. It not only ensures that sewage is discharged stably and meets standards but also reduces later operational investment and saves costs for corporate customers.

food wastewater storage tanks

In addition to the Hunan food wastewater treatment project, Center Enamel currently has a number of wastewater projects that are being advanced rapidly. With professional technology and high-quality services, the company has completed more than 10,000 projects in 90 countries around the world. Center Enamel will also continue to carry out product innovation and technological breakthroughs based on market demand, continue to inject new impetus into corporate development and provide customers with better products and services.