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Quality delivery and continuous success | Center Enamel has successively completed multiple overseas projects

In recent years, with the rapid development of various industries, the demand for construction of sewage treatment projects has also increased. In the process of adapting to the market and meeting customer needs, Center Enamel focuses on the research and development of innovative water management technologies and continues to improve its independent research and development capabilities and product competitiveness. What remains “unchanged” is the pursuit of project quality.

Recently, Center Enamel’s overseas project construction has ushered in new progress and has successively completed the Thai drinking water project and the Uruguay sewage treatment plant project. Based on the actual needs of customers, Center Enamel combines its own water treatment technology and project construction experience to provide targeted solutions. In the project, Center Enamel fully leveraged the advantages and features of the solution through customized design, standardized production, and installation to provide customers with matching water treatment equipment and services. We also strictly control project construction details to ensure progress and delivery, and strive to complete the project with high quality. This effort has also been highly recognized by foreign customers.

drinking water tanks

Thailand Drinking Water Project

stainless steel tanks

Uruguay sewage treatment plant project

Quality empowers brands, and both “quality” and “quantity” are improved. Center Enamel has completed numerous engineering project cases in 90 countries around the world and has used its strength to deliver satisfactory answers. Center Enamel has successively won the "Star of the Star Award" in the water industry in China, a leading enterprise in the field of water supply and drainage equipment, and a "double partner" in the water supply industry. Industry excellence awards such as the "Baishuangyou" Award. Facing the future development trend of technologies and solutions in the water treatment industry, the company will always stand from the customer's perspective and continue to develop and innovate. Based on the existing advanced water treatment technology and diversified environmental protection equipment solutions, the company will actively meet the customers' evolving environmental protection needs. demand, paving the way for water environment management to win a higher customer reputation.