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Center Enamel delivers high-quality drinking water projects in Colombia

Another good news for overseas projects, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. successfully delivered the Colombian drinking water project. The relevant person in charge of this drinking water project finally selected Zhengzhong Technology as a cooperative supplier to provide GFS tanks by horizontally comparing the performance indicators, quality, service life, cost performance, and other factors of similar products in the market and comprehensively considering drinking water safety and other issues. as drinking water equipment.

drinking water projects in Colombia

Based on the domestic market and actively exploring the international market, Zhengzhong Technology has solidly promoted the innovation and development of technology and equipment, and its product quality has been highly recognized at home and abroad. In this project, according to the geographical environment of the project, combined with the information and needs of customers, Zhengzhong Technology provides suitable solutions according to local conditions to meet the needs of local residents for domestic water.​​

The design, development, and manufacture of the enamel assembled tanks used in the project fully comply with international standards, and have passed a number of international certifications such as NSF, FDA, BSCI, etc., and each link is strictly controlled to ensure consistent quality. After the construction of the project, the beautiful enamel assembled jars stand in the green trees, complementing the surrounding environment and forming a beautiful landscape.

Zhengzhong Technology has been deeply involved in the field of water treatment for many years, adheres to scientific research and innovation, continuously carries out technical research, innovative equipment development, and optimizes the service system, and has completed a number of benchmark water treatment projects, making positive contributions to the construction of ecological civilization and a beautiful China. At the same time, the company also brings more leading solutions and mature experiences to many countries, spreading "green energy" to the world. At present, Zhengzhong's overseas business covers 90 countries around the world, and is committed to building a world-class corporate brand, and assisting the development of the world's environmental protection industry with high-quality environmental protection equipment and engineering.