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Center Enamel delivers drinking water projects to multiple islands in the Maldives, relieving island residents’ water concerns

Although the Maldives, the "country of a thousand islands", is surrounded by sea, its land area is small and its freshwater resources are insufficient, which has caused great troubles to the lives of local residents. Now, as Center Enamel builds more local drinking water projects, these problems will be gradually solved.

Maldives drinking water tanks

Recently, Center Enamel successfully delivered drinking water projects on multiple islands in the Maldives. This project is one of the outstanding achievements of Center Enamel’s independent products exported to overseas markets. In recent years, the company has repeatedly won the favor of Maldivian customers and reached multiple cooperations. Multiple cooperations have received good responses, which also proves Center Enamel's strong corporate strength and meets customer requirements in terms of professional technology, product quality, service capabilities, and other aspects.

In this project, Center Enamel adopted self-developed enamel assembled tanks as drinking water tanks and rainwater storage tanks, which have the advantages of quick installation, short installation period, low investment cost and good anti-corrosion performance, and are suitable for drinking water fields. At the same time, on the issue of ensuring the safety of drinking water, Center Enamel has innovated and developed antibacterial enamel technology. This technology has been selected for the "Guidelines for the Key Promotion of Water Conservancy Advanced and Practical Technologies" led by the Science and Technology Promotion Center of the Ministry of Water Resources and has been widely used in drinking water projects. It has solved the problem of water shortage and further improved the safety of drinking water to ensure the water safety of residents.

It’s not just the Maldives project. Since the beginning of this year, relying on professional technology and rich project experience, Center Enamel has actively participated in overseas projects, from the Maldives to Indonesia, Singapore, to the United States, Brazil, and other countries in the Western Hemisphere... a large number of overseas projects have been successfully completed or completed phased goals. Grasping the good opportunities of international and domestic development, Center Enamel will give full play to its capabilities and experience in the field of water treatment, and support the high-quality development of business at home and abroad with strong technical strength

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