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Center Enamel Continues to Excel in Water Environmental Governance, Highlighting Achievements in Multiple Projects

In the warm southern breeze of Hainan, Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks face the sea, rising from the ground to solve aquaculture wastewater issues for clients.

In the enchanting western region of Xinjiang, after treatment, dairy wastewater meets emission standards, promoting a 'green' development for dairy enterprises.

In the heartland of Henan, the completion of the leachate treatment project improves the environment, enhancing urban ecological quality.

Recently, Center Enamel's project team has been busy across the country, completing projects in Henan, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Hainan, Guangxi, Shaanxi, and more. As a high-tech enterprise, Center Enamel, based on a profound understanding of clients and the industry, provides tailored wastewater treatment services, successfully meeting diverse client needs.

Leading Equipment, Demonstrating Advantages

Center Enamel, rooted in standardized research and development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, seeks the optimal solution for product quality, cost, and delivery. The core equipment, Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks, adopts 'factory intelligent production, on-site standardized installation,' showcasing corrosion resistance, fast installation, and long lifespan. It is applicable to projects in various fields such as aquaculture wastewater, dairy wastewater, natural gas, and leachate.

Integrated Technology, Ingenious Design

Addressing actual client needs and project conditions, Center Enamel flexibly formulates solutions by leveraging the advantages of core equipment and process technology. Configuring based on actual wastewater production and changes avoids redundant designs from the source, significantly saving client investment costs.

With rich experience in water governance and leading technological strength, Center Enamel has become the trusted choice for numerous clients globally, spanning across 90 countries. From exploring the path of product innovation to contributing to the high-quality development of the industry,Center Enamel is committed to providing the market and clients with superior and innovative products, making 'green' the vivid backdrop for high-quality development