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Center Enamel builds the "Ultra-High GFS Tank Project" again, creating a project model with strength

When you walk into an industrial park in Jiangxi, what you see is a spacious and bright factory area, as well as the majestic GFS tanks, which are extremely spectacular. This project is Center Enamel’s recently built Jiangxi papermaking wastewater treatment project, which uses a GFS tank with a height of nearly 30 meters as a wastewater treatment storage tank. This is the second ultra-high enamel assembled tank project built by Center Enamel after the 34.8-meter fire water tank project in Indonesia. After the project is officially put into operation, it will effectively improve the regional environmental quality of the park and solve the sewage treatment problem in the park.

Jiangxi Papermaking Wastewater Treatment Project

Project Location: Jiangxi

Project area: Papermaking wastewater

Water quality characteristics

Papermaking wastewater refers to the wastewater formed in the manufacturing process. It has complex composition, high concentration, high content of toxic substances, and poor biochemical properties. It is one of the more difficult types of wastewater to treat. Different pulping methods have greatly different pollutant discharge loads on water bodies.

Project Overview

The design process of this project selects a treatment process with advanced and mature technology, significant effect, and reliable operation to meet the requirements of water volume changes in different periods and ensure the sewage treatment effect. Secondly, the Center Enamel team provided solutions based on local conditions based on project land planning, sewage treatment difficulties and other requirements, using self-developed enamel assembly tanks as sewage treatment storage tanks. Taking advantage of the superior anti-corrosion performance, short installation cycle, simple and convenient installation of enamel-assembled tanks, it provides strong technical support for enterprises in meeting wastewater discharge standards.

In recent years, Center Enamel has continuously increased investment in scientific research, built a team of environmental protection professionals and technical talents, and promoted innovative breakthroughs in water management technology. At present, the company holds a number of invention patents and utility model patents, and independently develops and produces GFS tanks, epoxy resin tanks, carbon steel storage tanks, stainless steel storage tanks and other equipment. It is used in industrial sewage, municipal sewage, biogas projects, landfill leachate, and aquaculture Sewage and other fields have relatively mature treatment processes and high technical levels.

This papermaking wastewater treatment project is one of many projects completed by Center Enamel. In addition to ultra-high enamel assembled tanks, Center Enamel has also continued to make breakthroughs in volume. It has built an enamel assembled tank with a single tank volume of over 21,000 cubic meters, and is currently building a project with double tank volumes exceeding 50,000 cubic meters. Relying on its accumulated experience and technical foundation in the field of water treatment, Center Enamel will continue to strive to provide customers with better products and services.