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Annual New Year, New Honors | Center Enamel Awarded "Annual Benchmark in Assembled Storage Services," Shining on the Innovation PathBenchmark in Assembled Storage Services

On January 4-5, the grand award ceremony for the "2023 (15th) Solid Waste Enterprise Selection" took place. Leveraging its profound accumulation and professional technical innovation capabilities in the field of solid waste treatment, Center Enamel stood out among numerous enterprises, clinching the "Annual Benchmark in Assembled Storage Services" award for the Chinese solid waste industry in 2023.

Annual Benchmark in Assembled Storage Services

Solid Waste Enterprise Selection
The selection process comprehensively evaluated multiple dimensions, including market capability, innovation ability, brand strength, financial condition, and media attention. Spanning over two months and involving multiple rounds of competition, the final list of "2023 Leading Enterprises in the Subdivision of Solid Waste and Leading Single Capability Enterprises" was unveiled. This successful inclusion once again demonstrates Center Enamel's leading position and influence in the field of solid waste treatment.

In the face of the increasingly critical issue of waste disposal, Center Enamel consistently leads the industry with its outstanding research and development capabilities and technological strength. The company continuously drives innovation in assembled storage equipment technology, ensuring efficient and stable operation. The company's technology and equipment have significant advantages in improving project construction efficiency and solid waste treatment effects, widely applied in numerous solid waste projects across the country.

From urban to rural areas, from landfill sites to large-scale waste incineration power plants, Center Enamel's innovative technology and equipment can be found in solid waste treatment projects of various scales and types. These cases fully demonstrate Center Enamel's strength and experience in the field of solid waste treatment, further consolidating its leading position in the industry. Seizing this award as an opportunity, Center Enamel will continue to leverage its technological advantages and innovation capabilities to provide efficient and high-quality solid waste treatment services and equipment to more customers, contributing to the development of the environmental protection industry.