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Interpreting Responsibility and Trusted with Persistence, The Overseas Installation Team of Center Enamel Strives to Build High-quality Projects

From Tanzania, the Angola project site witnessed the rise of storage tanks, and then to the Namibia project site showing a fiery and busy scene... For the sprint to 2022, the overseas project team of Center Enamel has been working hard and has continued to make steady progress. Project construction to ensure on-time delivery to customers.

Since the beginning of the year, Center Enamel has made efforts in the domestic and foreign markets in the same direction, and has successively won a number of projects in the fields of aquaculture wastewater, industrial wastewater, landfill leachate, and biogas project, making a solid first for the realization of the company's annual goals. step. The first quarter is coming to an end, and Center Enamel has completed several projects successively, which have been recognized by customers in terms of engineering quality, construction efficiency, and project services.

storage tanks installation

Every project condenses the sweat of our overseas engineering team. In order to satisfy customers' requirements, the overseas project team of Center Enamel has always adhered to the front line of the project, and ensured the smooth development of the project with professional technology and high-quality service. During the construction of the project, they actively did a good job in epidemic prevention, overcame the difficulties in diet, language, and climate, and went all out to demonstrate the responsibility and trusted of the overseas engineering team of Center Enamel in their sweat.

It interprets responsibility and trusted with persistence, and shows the efficiency of the center with practical actions. It is the perseverance and dedication of our overseas engineering team that makes the project progress steadily under the premise of ensuring quality, which has won a good reputation and reputation for Center Enamel in the domestic and foreign markets, and contributed to the company's development. strength!