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Bolted Steel Tanks for 20,000 Tons of Municipal Sewage Projects

In the process of rapid urban development, urban sewage discharge continues to increase. In order to improve and enhance the quality of the water ecological environment and realize the coordinated development of urban development and environmental protection, municipal sewage must be treated in a timely and effective manner. In this regard, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on wastewater treatment, actively deploys, gathers scientific research and technical strength, continues to promote the development and innovation of wastewater tank solutions, and has accumulated many successful cases of municipal sewage treatment projects. In this project, we provide several bolted steel tanks for 20,000 tons of municipal sewage projects.

The scenery in spring is infinitely beautiful, and the project construction is at the right time! In the newly-built municipal sewage treatment project in Nanyang, Henan, Zhengzhong Technology has a deep understanding of the actual needs of customers and after a number of comprehensive considerations, it provides a stable and reliable municipal sewage storage tank solution to effectively ensure that the effluent quality meets the specified discharge standards.

Overlooking the Nanyang Municipal Sewage Treatment Project in Henan Province, a series of storage tanks stand here, blending with the surrounding greenery, and adding a touch of "brightness" to the city. After the project is officially put into use, the sewage collected here will be treated through multiple processes, and will flow out as a trickle of "clear spring".

The municipal sewage project has a treatment scale of 20,000 tons per day. While effectively improving the sewage collection and treatment capacity, it is also of great significance to the protection of the local water environment and ecological environment. Technical advantages, market competitiveness, and brand image in the field. Adhering to the vision of becoming a trusted and leading global storage tank manufacturer, Zhengzhong Technology is constantly striving to become an internationally renowned enterprise in the storage tank manufacturing field.