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Anti-typhoon Design Storage Tanks For Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Project

With the gradual control of the COVID-19 epidemic, all industries are actively resuming production in China. Center Enamel Co., Ltd. is also actively accelerating the recovery of storage tank manufacture and project installation work and continues to provide customers with quality products and services. Recently, good news came again-Center Enamel successfully completed the pharmaceutical wastewater treatment project in Hangzhou City.

Anti-typhoon Design Storage Tanks

The pharmaceutical wastewater treatment project is mainly used to treat pharmaceutical wastewater from pharmaceutical factories. Generally speaking, pharmaceutical wastewater has the characteristics of the complex composition and a high concentration of pollutants and is one of the most difficult treated wastewater. To this end, in response to the water quality characteristics of pharmaceutical wastewater and customer needs, Center Enamel improve the efficiency and quality of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment and also save investment in pharmaceutical wastewater treatment projects by adopting customized wastewater treatment technology and anti-typhoon design storage tank.

In this pharmaceutical wastewater treatment project, Center Enamel adopted an IC reactor with windproof design. IC reactor has the advantages of high volume load, saving investment and floor space, strong impact load resistance, and low-temperature resistance, etc. It is suitable for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment. At the same time, in order to better improve the engineering quality and construction efficiency of the Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Project, Center Enamel provides Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks as sewage treatment equipment. The Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank has the advantages of superior corrosion resistance, convenient and quick installation, can be installed in nearly any type of weather, and easy control of the installation cycle, which can effectively improve the construction efficiency and shorten the construction cycle.

The wind resistance design for the GFS tank of the project successfully withstood the attack of super typhoon Lichma in 2019 and ensures that the pharmaceutical wastewater treatment project is not affected by the typhoon. This once again embodies the advantages of Center Enamel's "strong technical strength and excellent product quality", which has been highly praised and affirmed by customers.

IC reactor

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