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Aluminum Geodesic Domes Roof for Storage Tanks

Since 1989, Zhong Zhong technology has been providing tanks and roofs for petroleum, municipal, industrial, wastewater and biogas engineering applications. With over 10,000 tank and roof projects completed, we believe we have a storage tank roof solution for you.

Aluminum Geodesic Domes Roof for Storage Tanks

The most technologically advanced product in the industry

Center Enamel aluminum geodesic domes roofs are made from the best quality materials and can be customized by our experienced engineers to ensure they meet the unique needs of your project.

The striking aesthetic of the aluminum domes has become the dominant landscape in many parts of industry and architecture. Lightweight and robust structures suitable for covering tanks, and bulk storage facilities, can be used to create impressive building solutions and have repeatedly proven their strength, durability, and flexibility.

Aluminum geodesic domes roofs for storage tank

The lightweight and economical covering solution are ideal for covering the steel external floating roof as a roof for new tanks or even for replacing the more traditional steel roof on tanks. We provide complete solutions from engineering design to supply and installation and are committed to being the leader in the engineering supply and installation of state-of-the-art roof solutions.

Efficient design, unique appearance, unmatched quality, and value Aluminum domes are both beautiful and efficient. The aluminum dome is a unique triangular space truss with an outer layer of aluminum plates held in place by a patented slatted closure system. Aluminum domes capable of providing customized clear spans are designated for large coverage areas such as churches, stadiums, and exhibition centers. The aluminum dome is both beautiful and efficient. Aluminum integrated structural frames are permanent and lightweight.